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Starting January 2017, we're participating in a song per month project. Each month we will write a song, along with any other musicians who would like to join us, that is an interpretion of a chosen theme.


released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Gator Punch Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Track Name: Prometheus Bound
Cover me in dirt, I don't want to be clean.
I'm on your train and I'm spreading disease,
The corrupting voice that you hear in your dreams,
the ungodly sights from your T.V. screen.
I'm down every crack, living in every hole
and this constant awareness is taking its toll
'cause you're stepping outside, stepping out of your role
and before they know it, they've lost total control.

I'm standing on your corner making perfect sense,
saying "This is the end, but never repent'
A panic in your veins, a pain so intense,
an embracing of what Prometheus meant.
So with stolen fire, we'll do what we do best.
An adrenaline shot to the chest.
We'll continue to inspire, infect and infest.
And when we're done with you, we'll come for the rest.

We'll turn heads, we'll turn minds,
Embrace the dark, bring out sinful sides.
They'll stamp us down and we'll resist,
In hearts and minds we will always exist.
Track Name: Thaw Me Out
Bleak skies and no sun, no hope I'm all done,
waiting for better days to draw me out.
I sit here frozen, each moment chosen,
waiting for better days to thaw me out.

It's a maddening view of a new day that looms,
waiting for better days to thaw me out.
I just grow cold, frozen fingers and toes,
waiting for better days to thaw me out.

My vision grows hazy, I'm restless, stir-crazy,
waiting for better days to thaw me out.
My fear just grows stronger 'till I can no longer
wait for better days to thaw me out.

I'm stuck here in my own mind.
Can't slow this passing of time.
As I wait for nothing at all,
Except for the courage to tear down this wall.

To protect from the freeze, we'll burn their disease.
We'll be the better days that thaw us out.
From ashes we'll rise to smoke-filled skies.
We'll be the better days that thaw us out.
Track Name: Fuzzed Out
I've got a fuzzed out mind
and nothing but idle time
sitting on this mine
pretending to unwind.
I know that it's our turn
to watch the world burn
but I never did quite learn
to enjoy what I had earned.

I've got a fuzzed out brain
and a plan to explain
'cause we've doubled down on shame
but tonight we feel no pain.
So drunkenly we'll rise
much to our surprise
inebriated we cry,
"We're fighting for our lives."

Like a dog refusing his crate,
a lemming choosing his fate,
we're far too little too late.
But it's the losing fight
that draws us out at night.
It's not lack of sight
that we can't do what's right.